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: Date Fix Game :


☞ Kalyan market date fix game
☞ Sirf 1 Open, 1 Jodi aur 2 Panel
☞ Jodi or Patti dono pass hogi
☞ Guarantee Chance 100% Pass
Jiska Advance Charge Rs. 3100/- Hoga
☞ After pass aur 10000 dene हैं ( 3100 + 10000 )

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OTC ☞ 8-2-0-6 OTC
Jodi ☞ 85-29-07-62
Panna ☞ 468-147-479-367
Panna ☞

OTC ☞ 0-5 OTC
Jodi ☞ 02-08-52-53
Panna ☞ 460-780
Panna ☞

OTC ☞ 2-4-6-8 OTC
Jodi ☞ 20-45-65-80
Panna ☞ 246-590-350-240
Panna ☞

OTC ☞ 6-7-2-9 OTC
Jodi ☞ 63-61-72-73-29-92
Panna ☞ 790-368-480-126
Panna ☞

Jodi ☞
Panna ☞
Panna ☞

Jodi ☞
Panna ☞
Panna ☞

Jodi ☞
Panna ☞
Panna ☞

Jodi ☞
Panna ☞
Panna ☞

















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!! About Indian Satta Matka !!
The entire world has gone digital and online today, we order online for everything starting from groceries to furniture. The online world is promising, it helps us with timely delivery of the ordered products, and offers them all at an attractive low price. When we have so much time an online ad is very much comfortable in this space, why can’t we try our luck in online betting games and earn from it? Yes, you heard us right, you can now bet online at the leading Indian Satta Matka game websites and earn many times the money invested in them, after all the online platform is not just for spending, but for earning as well.
How should you play the Indian Satta Matka Game?
The Indian Satta Matka is one of the number one places to okay this online number game, where one can earn as they play and enjoy the betting games. These games are one of the favorites for Indian people and have followers in lakhs in the country. The Indian Matka has become one of the favorite games for Indians and its number of fans and followers are increasing in number with each passing day.

Before starting to play the game, the players are required to deposit a small amount as game security with the organizers of the game. Before starting the game, they have to choose any number between 0 and 9 either in singles or in pairs, depending on the nature of the game. You can also bet the preferred amount on your choice on this number. At the end of the day, when the Satta Matka results are announced, if your betting number is chosen as the winning pair, then you will be declared the winner and you can take home the declared prize amount. Thus, by choosing the right number, you can win a lot of money in this game, and it all depends on your skill and luck.

Thus it is purely a luck-based game and incurs a higher percentage of risk and chance as well. Thus the proven way to try your luck without incurring many losses is to choose a credible website like ours, as we offer the best gaming and gambling experience for our clients in more than a decade. Apart from rendering the best security for your money that you place as a bet through us, we do not ask for any additional money with our players. We will also offer periodic tips and tricks for our players to make sure that they play the game at utmost comfort.

Players have to understand that there is no right or wrong way to play this game, nor is there any proven formula that works for the players every time. It is purely a luck-based game, but players can watch the past trends with the game and approach their game accordingly, by concentrating on their intelligence and game tricks.
Why choose us for your India Matka game:
There are certainly vital aspects to note before progressing to play the Indian Satta game. First, the players should note that these games are very famous online betting games and their core revolves around gambling and betting.

Players must assess the trust of the website through which they are playing the game so that they can be sure that the money invested by them is safe and secure.

If you are looking for a hassle-free and secure gaming network, then you should choose the most reputed online gaming site like ours that has years of experience in making people win in these games.

Make sure that the website you choose pays you securely and on time and doesn’t disclose your identity apart from rendering a secure and enjoyable gaming experience. Even the contact information that you offer with us, at the time of registration of cases will be kept safe and secure.

Choosing a credible website can play a major role in offering the winning money of the players after the game is over and the satta Matka results are announced, without any trouble. With us, you can be sure that your winning money will be paid back to you securely and promptly.

In case of any shortfalls and difficulties, you can contact our network administrators directly and can voice your concerns regarding any problem you face while playing the game

You can find our contact number and other modes of communication right on our website and we have made this open purposefully, to add to the convenience of our players. Registering with our website is simple and easy and we help our players with fast and accurate results every time.

We serve as the best and the number one portal for the Satta Matka game, that you can play conveniently and easily right from sitting at your home. If your fortune is strong and you have the destiny to win a huge online income, then nothing can stop you from winning in this game through our website.

Create your registration ID with us by sending the required details and you will get all your membership information instantly. With us, you can start playing instantly and gain great winning potential immediately.
Frequently Aasked Questions (FAQ)
How can I play Satta Matka online with a small amount of money?

According to the numbers you select, you have an option to select from various bets of varied sizes. Thus, you can either bet small amounts or large amounts based on your choice. High bets come with high risks and low bets come with low risks. The best thing is that you can play for any amount, the smallest amount you can play for in Satta Matka is INR 100. No special skills are required to play the game and just by learning some special tricks, you can easily play the game. So, just by betting a small amount of money you can earn good amounts.

3) How to play Satta Matka online?

Playing Satta Matka online is quite easy as you just need to download the app. You can relax at home and get the cash. Playing the online Satta Matka game is simple in the event that you know about the standards and guidelines. The primary inspiration to find the best internet gamer is the way that you can play the game without having any problem at all. You should know about the mode and also you should learn about the numerous things so as to enjoy the game. Satta Matka online is the popular form of lottery game that offers innumerable benefits to the players. It is a well-known game of placing bets on the game.

4) What is 220 patti?

Only 220 out of the one thousand three digit numbers are known as pattis. Do not get confused to decide three digit numbers just remember that all pattis are always in the rising order format. Like, 234 is a 220 patti, but 432,876,654 these do not meet the criteria of becoming 220 pattis. There are only 220 unique numbers, which when arranged in an ascending order or increasing order format qualify to become a panna. If you arrange 124, 421,241 in an ascending order format, there are only 124 correct answers. In short when people place bet on the three-digit number, it is known as the Patti or Panna in the Satta Matka.

5) How many types of Satta Matka Games are there?

At present, the most common forms of Matka games in the country are Worli Matka and Kalyan Matka. The New Worli Matka runs five days a week. It operates from Monday to Friday. The Kalyan Matka is played on all 7 days of the week. Apart from this there are Milan Night, Milan Day, Main Ratan Bombay, Morning Syndicate, Janta Day, and Kamdhenu Market. Satta Matka shifted online over the years. Rather than a person choosing a piece of paper, the winning numbers are generated now randomly. People can now take part in the Satta Matka lottery via various websites on which the Satta Matka lottery game is played.

6) Is Satta legal in India?

In India gambling is considered illegal since the British ruled the land. The Public Gambling Act passed by the British Parliament made gambling illegal in India. Horse racing and lotteries are the two forms of betting that are still lawful in India. Gambling is a state subject and every state has varied laws on it, however, games of skill are mostly let off. As Satta actually means gambling, it is illegal in India. However, online Satta Matka is legal. It is expected that all these activities are going to be legalized in India as the Satta market is on the verge of getting legalized if the recent reports of CMS commission are to believed.

7) Who is the Matka King?

Ratan Khatri is considered as the original Matka King. From the early 1960s to the mid-1990s Khatri managed a huge nationwide illegal gambling network. He had several thousands of punters working for him. His business was worth quite a few crores. Khatri died on May 9, 2020. In the present situation, any individual who can earn a great amount of money from Matka gambling is referred to as a 'Matka King. Earlier, the term was used to explain the lead person who runs the syndicate of Matka gambling.

8) Where can I play Satta Matka, check lottery results, and related information

Satta Matka is at present mostly played online. Even though the rules have remained largely the same like that of the traditional Satta Matka but still it is played online. Those who are eager to play can go to any of the Matka gambling websites and play the game. There are even mobile apps via which Satta Matka can be played. Satta Matka, also known as Matka gambling or just Satta, was a full-scale lottery game in India. It began in the 1950s soon after India gained independence. Now, it is usually played online.

9) What is the best way to perform Satta Matka?

There are several greatest internet programs where you will be able to play with Satta Matka. There it is possible to play games apart from getting a link between played matches. It is possible to get in touch with a number of players and mentors to acquire your results. This is where you can play with Satta matka, MatkaLinks to an external site, Satta, Kaylan Matka, and several others, and assess their closed and open airplanes every day. In addition, it gives the outcomes of most Matka games along with also the Matka industry. It is also possible to evaluate the upgraded games along with their outcome on a daily basis.

10) How to find the outcomes?

You can find the outcomes of all Satta Matka on the online portal from other result announcers. Play with the match and also evaluate Jodi and start and shut the panel. Inspect out the panel graph in addition to the Jodi graph. You may even get into the provider's daily basis. A number of the outcomes are updated on the online portal that you are able to check up into clicks.

11) How to play the satta matka game?

The game can be played on different bazaars on different online portals. The players have to choose any one market out of the options given on our website and start betting in numbers from 0 to 9.

12) What is Kalyan Matka, what are its timings?

The Kalyan Matka is one of the most important and widely played after bazaars of the Satta game, and its opening time is 4 pm and closing time is 6 pm

13) How much should I play for?

You can play in the Indian Matka game for how much money you wish for. But on our website, there is a minimum amount that you can place as a bet.

14) What is a guessing forum?

This is the forum that we maintain to help our players with the most useful tips and tricks for guessing the numbers. Players can make use of these tips to mark their presence on the Satta Matka results page.

15) How reliable is your website?

Our website is completely reliable and we have been in this business for many decades. You can check the reviews to understand our credibility and reliability better.

16) Who is a satta king?

We brand the regular winners of the game and those who have made it repeatedly to the satta Matka results page after mastering the tips and the tricks of the game as satta kings.

17) What are the types of satta games?

There are many types of the satta game, that are branded as satta bazaars and markets and some of them are, Kalyan Matka, Rajdhani day, Milan day, Kalyan penal, Rajdhani night, Main Mumbai Penal chart, Time Bazar Jodi, Kalyan Jodi, Rajdhani day Jodi, main Mumbai Jodi, Rajdhani night, etc.

18) How are the results announced?

Most of the Indian Matka results are displayed twice a day, but some of these bazaars display the results only once daily. The best bazaars that the players could invest in this game are the Kalyan Matka, Milan, and Rajdhani.

What is the Indian Satta Matka Game?

In one word if you want us to explain this Satta Matka game, we can say that it is an online game where you can earn money by simply betting on a set of numbers. Sounds interesting right, yes, it is the right place, where you can try your luck in guessing the right number and if your guess is right, you will be bombarded with showers of rewards. The Indian Satta Matka game has a long and beautiful history and it was long since played by a majority of people in the country. The popularity of this game in India has enhanced tremendously, with the advancements in technology. Currently, it is possible to play this game right in the comforts of one’s home.

The Satta Matka game mimics gambling as the results of the game purely favor one’s luck or his chance in this online lottery. The chances of winning the game and earning tremendous money are manyfold, and the game can be played confidently by both beginners and advanced players. By understanding the rules of the game appropriately and placing the bet intelligently, it is possible to win great rewards in this game.

There are many forms of this game, and across the country, they are known by many different names. The game revolves around numbers that happen in three combinations, namely single- digit, double-digit and triple-digit numbers. The player has to choose the type of the game and place his bet on any number combination from 0 to 9. If you place the name number as a bet as that is given at the result, then you have tremendous potential to win about 9 times the money you have placed as the bet.